"Nature is not a place to visit. It is home." -Gary Snyder

About Morse Lakes

Morse Lakes is a private community located in Bloomingdale, New Jersey approximately 30 minutes northwest of New York City.

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Two lakes, 124 homes and residents who enjoy an active lifestyle make Morse Lakes a thriving suburban community. Morse Lakes is a wonderful community to live in, raise a family, make lasting friendships, enjoy recreational activities as well as socialize.

The Morse Lakes Property Owners Association is a privately funded property owners association that all households in the community are required to join.  Those who purchase a home within Morse Lakes are required to pay an initiation fee upon closing of the property.  All households have to pay yearly dues and are responsible for any assessments set by the association.

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To Keep our lakes safe and beautiful

  • Pick up litter on the beach, even if it’s not your litter, it’s your beach -help keep it clean

  • Put away beach toys at the end of the day so the beach looks great every morning

  • Make sure you let someone know you are boating on the lake and keep a life jacket in your boat

  • Monitor young children on the beach at all time -Children should NOT be left alone on the beach

  • Pick up fishing line off the ground, it kills our wildlife

  • Remove your boat from the boat ramp so others can use the ramp too

All lake activities are AT YOUR OWN RISK. Safety is no accident. Please read and follow the posted Beach Rules.